Cavalry Zebras

From: ian (i.) gorlick (
Date: Thu 10 Oct 1996 - 00:10:00 EEST

As I recall the cavalry zebras are hybrids between the war zebras and normal
zebras NOT war zebras and horses.

The whole point of creating war zebras was to get rid of horses and eliminate
that source of friction between the Pavisites and nomads. However, as you
correctly say, the war zebras had a slow reproductive rate. Therefore to get
more animals for everyday use, the war zebra stallions were mated with normal
zebra mares to create a smaller and sterile but plentiful hybrid, the cavalry
zebra. Having more zebra blood in them, the cavalry zebras were better adapted
to the plains, but were still bigger and stronger than the normal zebras though
not as large and strong as a war zebra or horse.


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