Stoned Somashi Transvestites

From: ian (i.) gorlick (
Date: Thu 10 Oct 1996 - 00:34:00 EEST

It appears that MOB has been converted to Peter Metcalfe's notion of Somash in
Sun County. I'd just like to publicize my continued resistance to this idea.

Somash may have been imported to Sun County and may have had some role in the
recent politics of that region. However I do not see that we have any reason to
assume that the Somashi wear women's clothes (or any style of clothing that the
Yelmalions might consider feminine) or that they smoke large quantities of


Peter seems to have made these up by assuming that the Yelmalion prohibitions
against men dressing as women and against hazia were written specifically with
the Somashi in mind. There is no evidence to support this. Nor is there any

other pre-existing evidence that Somashi engage in any such activities.

It seems unreasonable to start defining the cult of Somash based upon some
prohibitions in Sun County, especially when we are lacking any evidence that
Somash even exists in Sun County, much less that these prohibitions were
promulgated with Somash in mind.

However I am an open minded individual, so I could be convinced to change my
mind. If anyone can provide a description of Somash that incorporates these
elements in a convincing and integral fashion, then maybe I would be swayed.
Somash is supposed to be the Yelm-analog from Teshnos. Why would such a cult
dress effeminately and smoke too much dope?

For my part, allow me to offer an explanation of the Yelmalion cross-dressing

The prohibition is targetted against the traditional enemies of Sun County, the
nomads. Nomad religion is mostly shamanic. Shamans often practice cross-dressing
as part of setting themselves outside their societal taboos.

(This is a well documented ritual among many North American native groups.
Praxian nomads are modelled on NA natives to a large extent. Therefore I assume
it also occurs among many of the Praxian tribes.)

The rule was promulgated to prevent Praxian shamans or those who use shamanic
rituals from trying to claim the status of Light Son. It was an attempt to
provide one more barrier against the nomads taking over the Yelmalion religion
during their times of dominance over Sun County (note the presence of nomad
names in the list of Counts). It also helps prevent Yelmalions from slipping
into nomad practices.

The rule is specifically against male cross-dressing only because the Yelmalions
being patriarchal never considered the possibility of a females being in this
situation. (cf. real world laws against homosexuality that frequently forget to
mention lesbian acts at all.)


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