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Date: Thu 10 Oct 1996 - 17:49:09 EEST


As I'm now playing a Loskalm placed campaign I just have to bring this up.

I've been trying, for quite som time now, to figure out an interesting
twist to this enigma.
I'm looking to this group for more inpiration (all
comments are welcome)
The best I could come up with was based on the prophecy in the Crusible of
The Hero Wars. Especially the passage that talked about wolves at Sog's

Ok, it could be a telmori stronghold. And when I looked closer there
wasn't many other places they could come from. Of course it's possible
that the passage is talking about something quite different, like the KoW
for instance. But I think I'll cling to my straw.(at least for now)

But a normal telmory invasion would be to boring, to ordinary. And these
furry guys are quite cozy compared to the maniacs in the KoW. A bunch of
bloodthirsty wolfrunners would disappear in the bloodbath created by the
KoW. No, they can't be ordinary telmori.
I've come up with several possible modifications to their culture.

Their story goes something like this: When the ban struck the highly self
sufficient telmori tribes got the upper hand on the soft "civilized
people" rather quickly. This gave them a opportunity no other hsunchen
culture has had since the dawning(or at least I think so); a chance to
evolve culturally without
outside preasure. Now I'm thinking this could have had several effects:

1) They could have reverted to their draconic roots (hykim is after all
thought to be a dragon) I need help to figure out what changes this could
have done to them.(magically and culturally)

2) They could have gotten "civilized." Perhaps their social structure has
evolved into something new. Perhaps to cope with larger packs. Perhaps
they have taken up sorcery (influence from the people they conquered)

3) I'm assuming the telmori in this region would mainly be cursed ones.
And perhaps they have found a way around the curse? Maby they have been
able to preserv their intellect by becoming bestial in form. A kind of
tradeoff that has created intelligent wolfhumanoids (like traveller

Enough speculation for today. But by all means comment on this. Or if some
of you have thought out a Chargg of your own, please tell me about it.


Frank Rafaelsen
"Si fallor, sum"


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