Pelorian deities

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Thu 10 Oct 1996 - 21:08:00 EEST

David Cake
>Please, I welcome your feedback on the
>following questions -
> Do modern Pelorians acknowledge the 'classic' (ie God Learnerish)
>Celestial Court, or only the one from GRoY?

We first have to find out whether the 'classic' Celestial Court (CC) was
inherited by the Jrusteli from the Theyalan Councils (IMO it was).
If so,
all the influence region of the Council outside of Dara Happa proper, or the
earlier EWF-occupied region, might have heard about the CC.

The Pelandans might have their own seven-members version of the CC as
described in the Entekosiad, residing on Mt. Jernotius.

> Are the Lowfires known in Peloria (Oakfed, Gustbran, Mahome)? I
>personally tend slightly towards them being yet another thing that comes
>from Saird, but I have also heard that Gustbran is originally Manirian and
>Oakfed Praxian. I would appreciate a few opinions.
> Should I take the bit about Yelorna out? The bit about her being
>worshipped in Jarst is speculation from my game. She has been otherwise
>described as originating in Ralios and Prax.

Both should be known in Dara Happa (sic), since a good portion of the Dara
Happan nobility are descended from Praxians. The beast rider descended Dara
Happoi will have brought some of their spirits with them, and they won't
have disappeared without any trace.


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