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G'day all,
Stoned Somashi Transvestites

Ian Gorlick writes:

>It appears that MOB has been converted to Peter Metcalfe's notion of Somash in
>Sun County. I'd just like to publicize my continued resistance to this idea.

Ian's theories (that the cross-dressing prohibitions are targetted against the traditional enemies of Sun County, the nomads) are probably right, but Peter's ideas are just so damn loopily MGF-able I wannem too! The old rule against men in dresses - designed to thwart the nomads - may have been dusted off and pulled out in recent times as a pretext to act against the pernicious influence of Somash over the previous count and his cronies.

>However I do not see that we have any reason to assume that the Somashi wear
>women's clothes (or any style of clothing that the Yelmalions might consider feminine) or
>that they smoke large quantities of hazia.

As Peter explained in the original post (ages back), the Somash influence comes from desperately hip laid-back Teshnos, where the clobber blokes go round in looks decidedly "girly" to the big bluff chaps of Sun Dome. And we all know that Teshnos is full of drug-addled hazia-crazed sex fiends...

Ian & Alison, Peter, Nick, Jane and I have engaged in a long, rambling off-line debate about the recent history of Sun County and some of its important denizens. As we have come up with answers to questions like, "Why is Count Solanthos's surname 'Ironpike'?", I hope that a summary will some day soon hit the Digest. Did someone in our group put their hand up?




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