Chargg, Pelorian Burrowings and Teshnos

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Date: Fri 11 Oct 1996 - 12:37:36 EEST

Frank Rafaelsen:

>As I'm now playing a Loskalm placed campaign I just have to bring this up.
>I've been trying, for quite som time now, to figure out an interesting
>twist to this enigma. [Charrg] I'm looking to this group for more
>inpiration (all comments are welcome)

Chargg is a land full of Bull worshippers. Think of Storm Bull.
These people do know of Loskalm as they migrated from the province
of Tawars but they are going to be very hard pressed to march through
Jonatela and the Kngdom of War to menace the Loskalmi Reaches. A
good sourcebook on their culture would be the Bisosae section of
the Entekosiad.

This is not to say that when the Ban thaws from Chargg, what comes
out will certainly be a Bull Empire. But it is probable that Bulls
will be a major component. In any case, Chargg probably have a major
impact on the Western Reaches and the Upper Janube.

>The best I could come up with was based on the prophecy in the Crusible of
>The Hero Wars. Especially the passage that talked about wolves at Sog's

I believed that referred to the Wolf Pirates from Ygg's Isle.

Joerg Baumgartner:

DC>> Do modern Pelorians acknowledge the 'classic' (ie God
>>Learnerish) Celestial Court, or only the one from GRoY?

>We first have to find out whether the 'classic' Celestial Court (CC) was
>inherited by the Jrusteli from the Theyalan Councils (IMO it was).

IMO it wasn't. The Celestial Court was an observable phenomenon from
all over glorantha during the good old days and every major culture
would have had it's own names for the Celestial Court. Furthermore

the Theyalans have their indigenous version of the Celestial Court which
is described in the tale of the First Harp from KoS. I don't see why
the God Learners have to thieve from the Theyalans when they have
perfectly adequate mythology of their own.

[Are the lowfires and Yelorna known in Peloria?]

>Both should be known in Dara Happa (sic), since a good portion of the Dara
>Happan nobility are descended from Praxians. The beast rider descended Dara
>Happoi will have brought some of their spirits with them, and they won't
>have disappeared without any trace.

I doubt the lowfires migrated via this way as the Overlords would have
had their fires lit and their weapons smithed by their new subjects.
Furthermore, the unicorn women were not among the nomads that fought
against the Horse Riders at Argentium Th'rile so I stongly doubt they
would have been rewarded with lands over parts of Southern Dara Happa.
Also the female warrior society would have been a major cause of social
disruption in Patriachal Dara Happa yet we hear nothing about Pelorian
Bra-burning until the Carmanian Conquest.

This doesn't settle David's original question about whether her cult
is found in Jarst but IMO she isn't (David in fact knows my opinions
on this matter which is why he is asking it here).

Anthony Bushell:

> I was wondering if anyone can help me with information on the far
>east of Genertela, in particular the lands of Teshnos, Trowjang, Fanzai, and
>the Fethlon forest. I have the information from the Genertela Book but
>would like to hear of anything else that anyone may have encountered.

Since Loren's search engine is down, the following digests will contain
some useful information on Teshnos (grab them from the archives).

v02.n614 Basic Information on Teshnos
v02.n617 Teshnan Army Tactics (or lack thereof)
v02.n619 What Harstar's followers are called
v02.n620 Teshnan Social Structure
v02.n625 Teshnan farming practices

Fethlon Forest rarely suffers from any incursions by Kralorela
because IMO the Kralori have enough trouble getting the province
of Boshan to pay their taxes (think of the Chinese domination
of Vietnam).

I'm unsure if Fanzai Island is actually ruled by the Yellow
Elves although there are yellow elves there. The Dragonewts
there are slightly different from that found in Dragon Pass
and the Kralori maintain that they taught the 'newts there how
to become Dragons. The northern part of Fanzai Island was
settled within historical times by an invasion fleet from
Vorumain which got lost within the Sea of Fog. Although the
inhabitants are indistingishably Kralori to the outsiders, their
foreign origins is one reason why the Kralori allow foreigners

- --Peter Metcalfe


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