Colors in Glorantha

From: James Walter Frusetta (
Date: Fri 11 Oct 1996 - 19:59:42 EEST

A problem emerged in a PBeM RQ campaign recently, and I was wondering if
anyone had any suggestions: to wit, what colors exist in Gloranthan

I'm assuming the same "physical" spectrum exists: the problem is, what
colors are "identified." My ancient history is a little ragged, but I
recall reading that the Greek/Roman spectrum wasn't ROYGBIV (they
lacked Orange, I believe, but I might be wrong). Orange still "existed;"
it just didn't have a name or identity as a color distinct from yellow &

So, when the GM had an NPC describe a wall painting, the question came up
exactly what colors would that NPC have "seen." Red, yellow, black and
white seem fairly secure... but the party Uz was curious if she could
distinguish "shades" of Black, treated as "primary" colors... or might
Lunars think of different shades of Red, but rather than being "shades"
of Red, they're completely different colors (eg, as "Orange" is a mixture
of Red & Yellow, but is a different color).

In any case, this raised a furor (do Elves have more Greens, Orlanthi more
blues, etc). Has anyone addressed this in their own campaigns?

James Frusetta
Department of History University of Maryland, College Park


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