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Date: Fri 11 Oct 1996 - 19:09:00 EEST

"As Peter explained in the original post (ages back), the Somash influence comes
from desperately hip laid-back Teshnos, where the clobber blokes go round in
looks decidedly "girly" to the big bluff chaps of Sun Dome. And we all know
that Teshnos is full of drug-addled hazia-crazed sex fiends..."

I can see that the standard cultural forms of Teshnos might be interpreted as
effeminate by the Yelmalions. Also that hazia consumption might be very common
there. But if these are just cultural practices and not integral parts of the
Somashi religion then the Sun County prohibitions on cross-dressing and hazia
won't be effective weapons against Somash. The Somashi will just switch to Sun
County standard clothes and go cold-turkey on the hazia. Then they will continue
to practice the religion of Somash. The regulations have to be directed at

something important to the religion or they are just minor irritants not
effective blocks to them.

Again I ask for a summary of the cult of Somash that makes these things integral
to the cult and not just a cultural gloss that was brought with the cult but
isn't part of the cult.

BTW, I'm not aware that Teshnos is full of drug-addled hazia-crazed sex fiends.
I wasn't even aware that hazia was cultivated there. Given that the stuff is
native to the Stinking Forest which is a boreal forest apparently (due to
altitude I suppose) I'd be surprised that it was native to Teshnos which is much
hotter and more humid. It is a miracle of horticulture that the stuff grows so

well in Sun County. I'd be inclined to assume that if any of this stuff is true,
then the Teshnans smoke some local weed and found hazia a good substitute when
they got to Sun County.

Now that I've disagreed with almost everything you said, I'm glad to here that
you like my anti-shaman theory for the cross-dressing prohibition. You are
right, even if my origin for it is correct, it could then have been dusted off
for use against the Somashi, IF any of that is true.

Big question, is there any official or semi-official material on Teshnos beyond
what appeared in the Genertela pack? any planned? The area so far is a pretty
big vaccuum and we could easily be massively Gregged on this.


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