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Date: Sat 12 Oct 1996 - 00:49:44 EEST

Pam Carlson wrote

> "Rounded up all foreigners appearing to be of the Kralori kind, on
> suspicion of spreading disease. Young Khorvenus/House Urashmallek
> questioned. Guilty found, taken to Erissa temple. Remainder thrown to
> Mob, given over to the Purifier."

The only person who felt some qualms was the Sylilan "barbarian," who
nonetheless knew "Kralori" was a foreign pronunciation of "Krjalki" (and
linguistically related to "Krarsht" as well). He's convinced that the
Alkothi are the barbarians, albeit decadent. Unlike the Sylilans, who've
accepted the civilizing Lunars.

Peter Metcalfe gives the origins of some of the artwork in Fortunate
Succession and Entekosiad. I'd caution against reading too much into that.
It's obvious that the Wendarians are nothing like Aztecs, despite the fact
that MaraDiDala looks just like Tlazolteotl.

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