Striped Horses

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Fri 11 Oct 1996 - 23:40:00 EEST

Jean disagrees with me on the zebra creation and on the dominant
religion within the zebra nation.

>The Issaries mules are sterile animals while the war zebras are

True. However, the EWF magicians were expert in creating new life forms by
merging existing ones.

Jean describes the origin of the zebra riders much as I see them and Pavis
Box describes them.

>After the pure horse nation was expelled from Prax (the survivors
>became the Grazers), the zebra nation had to raid the Pentan to
>have horse in order to breed cavalry zebras.

Or they had to raid Heortland and God Forgot, which remained accessible from
Prax all the time. IMG Knight Fort and the Marcher Barons are only set up
after the Heortland Civil War which led to so many people resettling Dragon
Pass in the Quivin Hills. This leaves the city of Refuge and the Bandori
River as the only obstacles on their way into the southern plateau. Refuge
isn't likely to pose much of an obstacle, if one uses the Thieves World box
of Chaosium (or the French article describing Refuge based on that
supplement) for that city.

>I think that they kept their Yelm worship, if only to make a
>difference with the ostrich nation that lost it.

If the deity they worshipped ever was called Yu-Elm, and not Yu-Kargzant.
(How else did the Grazers get Yu-Kargzant as their chief deity?)

No doubt the Pure Horse tribe did have strong sun magics. This is one of the
reasons why they were used up so much in opposing Gerak Kag's invasion into
Prax in 1237. (Another reason is that they lived closest to Shadows Dance.)

>After Dorasar founded New Pavis, he recreated the Pavis cavalry, and
>once again the cavalry uses cavalry zebras as mounts.

Yes. Once again it was a worshipper of Issaries who created the zebra people
of Zebraside. In fact, of three zebra notables known by name, all three are
Issaries types (Joraz Kyrem, Olgkarth Arrow-Eye, Kost the Desert Tracker).
This doesn't mean that all zebra people are followers of Issaries, but
Issaries must be quite prominent in the tribe.

>IMo they raise
>fine horses in Pavis County in order to have fine cavalry zebras.

Yes and no. There are the Pol-Joni and other bastard clans/tribes to provide
New Pavis with horses.

The Garhound Orlanthi seem to have horses as well, though why they do and
the Sun Domers don't, is a mystery to me. They definitely live outside of
the grazing area of the Pol-Joni.


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