Sor-Eel's Sore

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat 12 Oct 1996 - 11:52:53 EEST

Joerg writes:

> If you wanted to punish a functionary with connections to the top (Sor is a
> cousin of Jar, after all) for a failure to retrieve an interesting, but in
> no way essential trinket (the Cradle) wouldn't you send this someone on a
> remote outpost, like frex. Pavis?

Lunar troops in the Empire called a really shitty job a "Pavis Job". Troops
posted to Pavis called a really shitty job a "Corflu Job" (per KoS). The logical
sequence for Sor-Eel's career is tempting...

> Looking at the staff present in the Pavis box, I can see no successor in
> place.

Maybe Duke Raus could step in to keep the peace? Just a thought...

Ian on Teshnos:

> I'm not aware that Teshnos is full of drug-addled hazia-crazed sex fiends.

One of the few Teshnan deities we know about, Solf, is associated with opium,
sloth, gluttony, sexual deviance and suicide, IIRC. Maybe Peter was working from
that? I'd concur with his findings for the sake of MGF. The scriptural
prohibitions against drugs'n'sex'n'rock'n'roll could be dusted off and applied
to the post-Monrogh situation.

Quickly restating the background: the modern Sun Dome Temple in Dragon Pass was
founded by Monrogh, a companion of Prince (later King) Tarkalor of Sartar, who
had previously accompanied him on a land journey across the Wastes to see the
elephants of Teshnos. It seems reasonable to myself and Peter that he gained his
insight into how to establish a solar temple-based theocracy (as opposed to the
previous tribal Elmali model) based on what he saw in Teshnos and in the Praxian
Sun Dome. The latter had, of course, been worshipping Yelmalio, Son of the Sun,
since the Second Age: Monrogh brought a variant of their belief back to Sartar
to supplant the native Elmal cult, but may well have left the Praxian Temple
some trace of his visit in the form of practices imported from Teshnos, later
condemned as heresies.



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