Garhound Horseplay

Date: Sat 12 Oct 1996 - 17:55:57 EEST

G'day all,

Garhound Horseplay

Joerg ponders:
>The Garhound Orlanthi seem to have horses as well, though why they do and
>the Sun Domers don't, is a mystery to me. They definitely live outside of
>the grazing area of the Pol-Joni.

The Orlanthi who settled Garhound came out with Duke Dorasor from Sartar in
1550, and brought their horses out with 'em; the Sun Domers were already there,

and had given up their horses in the face of nomad agression long ago (though
the various horse gifts and geases remained as a sort of quaint anachronism).
As they're a conservative bunch, the Sun Domers have not got back on
horseback yet in any meaningful way, though it is said that the militia
leader Rogar has recently mounted his file. However, the fine gilded
chariot which Count Solanthos is wheeled around in on holy days is still
pulled by burly Templars (with the horse gifts/geases) instead of horses.




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