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Here's my (rather late) views on Michael Raaterova's query - all IMHO of course.


I suspect this industry is a recent import from the Orlanthi and Elmali
immigrants from Sartar and Lunar settlers. I think that Count Solanthos is also
seeking to bring back horses to Sun County, if they haven't already been brought
back by recent Elmali converts.


Again, what leatherworking existed before Dorasar's entry into Prax would have
been given a large boost by the Sartarite Orlanthi immigrants. Leatherworking is
a big Orlanthi cottage industry.

>Speaking of leather - Brygga Scissortongue of the Garhound family is
>guildmaster for the cloth and leather workers guild, so does Garhound have
>a large leather industry?

No more than any of the other Sartarite immigrants. The Garhound Family just
happen to be the most important Sartarite family left in Pavis County (with
their original settlement, not surprisingly, being named Garhound). Their major
advantage over the other large Sartarite families in 1610 was their lack of any
major links to Dorasar and his descendants, or any other prominent Sartarite
outlaws who fled to Prax after 1602. This allowed them remain prominent, and
also consolidate their position, even after the Lunar occupation.

Praxian Sun god:

I suspect it would be male and malign. People would "worship" or sacrifice to it
not to get more sun, but less!

For farmers it's more likely that there would be worship of Orlanthi rain
deities, or Inora, the Snow Princess. This could explain why Orlanthi farmers
have been more successful in Prax than most others - they are slowly changing
the ecology through their worship.

Elmal changes gender? Somehow, I doubt it.

There would have been a large number of Elmali who went East with Dorasar to the
promised land. I reckon they would have been seeking to escape the internal
divisions caused by the Elmal/Yelmalio schism (as orchestrated by the Lunar

>A lot of EWF orlanthi followed Pavis into Prax

Yes, but their culture would have been changed or forgotten during the various
Praxian and Troll occupations, and influenced greatly by Sun County culture (the
closest friendly power). I doubt very much if they would have been able to
remain organised in large clans (there's certainly no evidence of this except in
communities holding out in the Rubble like the Real City), and would most likely
have been forced to split into smaller communities.

The greatest recent influence would be the Sartarite Orlanth, who have arrived
in their thousands, and not hundreds. They will have brought an Orlanthi clan
structure. Tho' I reckon that no complete clans came with Dorasar, just
individuals or small family groups of refugees: adventurers, the dispossessed,
those seeking a new life, those fleeing from kinstrife, etc.

It may be that the various Sartarite "families" in Pavis County are made up of
groups of settlers who banded together and inter-married to form clan-like

Jim Chapin asks:
> After Sor-Eel is bounced as Governor of Pavis, who takes over?

A completely bald guy called Zul-Taran (from the Taran-il clan who rule First
Blessed). It was an almost complete takeover and "Sor-Eel retired to the Lunar
Empire among the bosum of his family to await further opportunity to further
their cause."

Of course, Gimgim survives the takeover. No doubt his report on Sor-Eel's
failures deserved this reward.

However, Sor-Eel will return...


David Hall


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