Unarmed Fighting Styles

From: Anthony Bushell (Anthony.Bushell@anu.edu.au)
Date: Mon 14 Oct 1996 - 05:40:13 EEST

        A while ago in Sun County i read a description of a character who
fought unarmed in the classical style of Peloria (which is to say, naked),
having also encountered the martial art skill that is prevalent in the
development of Kralorelans, I have speculated on the many styles of unarmed
fighting that might exist in Genertela.

        The fighting style of Peloria I have envisioned as being something
akin to the Pankration art of ancient Greece. This was a fast-paced and
brutal art involving wrestling as well punching and kicking. Essentially,
anything was permissible in a bout.
It is pankration fighters that we see
in statuary like the Boxers. One feature of Pankration is the wearing cesti,
leather wrappings for the hands that were enhanced with balls or strips of
bronze or lead.

        In Kralorela I have considered the fighting arts to be similar to
those of China, even though the attire of those portryed in the Genertela
book is more Japanese, their stances suggested Kung Fu rather than Karate.
THerefore, given the very diverse nature of animal life in the area, i have
assumed that unarmed fighting would follow similar forms to those of China.
That is to say, developments based in the movement of animals and a
knowledge of the bodies weak points.

        Given the look and feel of the Dragonewt form of combat (and certain
references in the Elder Secrets Newtling character development) i believe
that they also would have developed a distinct and systematic style of
unarmed combat. This is likely to be the oldest form of this type of
fighting art and may well have influenced all others.

        Another interesting cultural group to develop a complex unarmed
martial art is the Morokanth. Why, you might ask? Well, given that they
are not normally capable of manipulating weapons easily, but do have a
healthy set of claws, i think that they would have thought about the use of
those claws considerably and determined how to best use them.

        Differences in physiology would necessitate considerably different
approaches to this aspect of fighting. It is much easier to perform a kick
when one has a tail, for instance, because one can maintain a greater degree
of balance. I have only speculatede as to the form of unarmed fighting that
might be found in the west. The Safelstan states might well have something
akin to Savate (lots of kicking and baton fighting) perhaps.

        please tell me what you might think, I would be interested to hear



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