Orlanth Worship and Pelorian Arts

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Mon 14 Oct 1996 - 12:13:12 EEST

Saravan Peacock:

>How exactly does the Lunar ban on worship of Orlanth work, in Sartar and

The key concept is that the Lunars are trying to destroy the influence
of Orlanth in the Social Order. The ban on worship ceremonies primarily
affects large-scale gatherings involving clans and tribes. The chief
effect this will have is that magics which are normally invoked at such
gatherings can not be cast in the New Order: ie blessings of victory in
combat for the current year.

The Orlanthi clans will then be under pressure from neighbouring
clans who do not invoke Orlanth as their patron for they will not have
the clan magic backing that the others do because of the prohibition of
Orlanthi worship. The Orlanthi clans can choose to overcome their
disadvantage by revolting (which rarely works) or by choosing some other
god (such as the Red Moon [Colymar], Yelm [Aldachur] and Humakt [Malani])
as their patron. Once a different god is chosen, people are more likely
to forsake their old ties with Orlanth to align themselves with the
new patron to get into positions of political power within the clan.

And the worship of Orlanth falls as a result.

Anthony Bushell:

> The fighting style of Peloria I have envisioned as being something
>akin to the Pankration art of ancient Greece. This was a fast-paced and
>brutal art involving wrestling as well punching and kicking. Essentially,
>anything was permissible in a bout.

Not quite. Biting and eye-gouging were prohibited. There was a
wrestler known as 'Fingers' for his quirk of breaking his opponent's
fingers in a bout to force him to submit. Spartans refused to
participate in this sport for the Olympics because there were no
draws, the loser either submitted or died. The Spartans thought that
the sight of a Spartan submitting was too shameful whereas dying was
too wasteful.

However I don't think the Pankration is the Pelorian Martial Arts
alluded to in Sun County and Glorantha Bestairy despite the habit
of fighting with no clothes on. I believe that it is a cross
between Yoga and Martial Arts and was taught in Alkoth. Pankration
seems to me to be covered quite easily within the skills of boxing,
kicking, grappling and headbutts and there is no record of Pankration
Masters achieving mystical powers through mastery of their art...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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