Colour and Texture

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Tue 15 Oct 1996 - 12:22:36 EEST

I liked the stuff on different cultures perception of colour and
in the case of Uz texture. In the absence of hard science in the
cultures I believe it would be quite possible for these systems to
evolve. However, as cultures become more civilized I suspect that
they evolve/create extra words to cover other colours even though
they would be used less often than important colours such as
imperial crimson, carmine, sunrise orange and dusk pink.

        To the Orlanthi "fire coloured" is quite sufficient to cover
all the oranges and reds except for "blood coloured" which describes
the moon. Other Orlanthi colours are "grass", "pine needle", "wode"
and "sky" as well as "cloud", "storm", "dark" to describe white, grey
and black.

        The idea of Uz using texture and grey-level appeals too much
for me to ignore it. Grey levels are easier to start with and it
might be useful to apply god/runic concept to their names:-

Subere - Warm and pleasant
Xentha - Comfortable
Storm - Limit of tolerability
Yelm - Bloody unpleasant

        Texture is of course harder. However, one aspect that might
help understanding is the the high correlation researchers have found
between Fractal dimension and the human concept of roughness in visual
images. I believe that while human are very aware of visual texture
and use it to help recognize and identify objects as well as
determining range, trolls take this one step further. What is mainly
unconcious in humans (rough, rougher, smooth soother etc.) is
much more conscious in Uz. Here are some ideas for a texture scale:


Anyway some ideas, I'll try to look up some data on fractal dimension
of thinks to get some real ideas...



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