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Date: Tue 15 Oct 1996 - 17:12:48 EEST

Ingo says:
>I will do in the near future (i.e. next year)
>a special ralios issue of Tradetalk. Therefore
>I'm searching for adventures and articles about
>this special theme.
I have some notes on using Corolaland as a start-
ing point for beginning players with Western
In my campaign Corolaland was the name given to
the narrow strip of land on the western side
of that line of mountains which forms the third
side of a triangle the western Rockwoods and the
Mislari mountains.
The Westerners who lived there were colonists,
descendents of people who fled the wars at the
fall of the Godlearners' Empire. Obviously they
lived a precarious existance between the trolls
of Halikiv and the Orlanthi of Saug and Delela.
(Actually I based them on the Anglo-Scotttish
borderers of the 16th century).
I know from private communication that Jonas
Schiott has a very different view of Corolaland.
To him it is a pagan, Orlanthi land. This is
fair enough - though I couldn't find an explicit
statement to that effect in G:GCOTHW.
Does anyone know exactly what the "official"
status of Corolaland is? If it is a third
Orlanthi kingdom (after Saug and Delela) I can
still write in the colonists as beleaguered
settlers with Orlanthi lands. Alternatively
I can write up Corolaland as a full-blown
Western colony in its own right.
Also what area is taken up by Corolaland?
As I suggested, I see it as a narrow strip of
land hugging the weatern edge of the mountains.
Jonas, I think, sees it extending
further into the middle of the East Wilds.
Any input would be appreciated as I would like
to contribute to Tradetalk if possible.
Richard Crawley


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