RE: Glorantha Digest V3 #232

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Comp) (
Date: Tue 15 Oct 1996 - 23:18:54 EEST

in reference to the short mention of UZ "colors" (he, heh... you said
"UZ"...) I would agree that the UZ do not recognize colors at all,
recognize certain textures in the same way that humans do colors.
        I would further postulate that the "primary" colors for uzdom are:
Smooth, Bumpy and Jagged. Each of these colors has a distinct emotional
resonance and meaning for the trolls, and is extremely improtant in
written Darktounge for expressing its unique range of trollish thought.

        the color of pure darkness, and mystery. Where all detail and
confusion of texture are lacking is smoothness. the "color" of Subere.
(perhaps a shrine to subere is systematically rubbed smooth through
thousands of generations of worship and devotion?) Frightening in its
unnatural austerity, Comforting in its simplicity. The most meaningful
color, but the most difficult to "write" in darktounge. Written by
laborious rubbing on a surface. Part of words like "ancestor" and
"holy" and "wonder home".

        the color of comfort and familiarity. The Mother's well-chewed nipple,
and the heaped innards of a delicious meal. Natural and friendly. the
"color" of Xiola Umbar. (masses of writhing trollkin?) "Written" by
chewing with molars, or slow blows of a heavy object. Used in words
like "family" "happy" and "full". All troll love-poems are written in
shades of bumpy.

        the color of anger, fear and violence. Shattered stones, and broken
bones. the color of Zorak Zoran. (what ZZ shrine is complete without
piles of the splintered skulls of fallen foes?) "Written" by tearing
with tusks, or smashing with violent blows. Important in words like
"Kill" "coward" "destroy". The famed text "The Art of War" by
Sun-Tzugat is written almost entirely in jagged.

        Each "primary" color is associated with a particular god. Kyger Litor
obviosly is embodied in all colors in the same way as she is embodied in
all trolls. Only Gods that represent an Aspect of Uz are associated
with a single color (texture).

just some thughts...


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