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From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Wed 16 Oct 1996 - 02:31:12 EEST

Christoph Luehr:

>for my Campaign I am looking for descriptions and /or stats for Richard
>Tigerhearted and Kallyr Starbrow. Does anybody know if and where I can find
>them ?

I can't help with the stats but a couple of descriptions of Kallyr are
given in Wyrms Footprints and the Rough Guide to Boldhome. King Richard's
character was fleshed out for the Sog City and Rise of Ralios freeforms
so the organisers of those will have access to a nice description of
King Richard.

James Walter Frusetta:

>What I'm curious about is not whether or not, say, a Lunar
>citizen sees "red" any differently, but if they _identify_ it differently:
>to wit, what're the "grues"? Would, say, the aforementioned Lunar consider
>red, crimson, pink or whatever else to be primary colors?

The Lunar would still consider crimson and pink to be variations
of red. However the Lunars do acknowlege the Eight Colours (No,
Octarion is _not_ one of them) from Pelorian (and Yelmic) Mythology
although only four of them (Yellow, White, Red and Blue) are actually
been listed.

I have no idea what the Malkioni or the Kralori acknowlege as a
primary colour. The Logical Malkioni may take their colors from
the rainbow but this does not mean that they see seven colors
(Indigo is not a primary colour but an evil fudge invented by
Isaac Newton to fulfill his numerological fantasies).

Michael Cule:

>I thought I ought to mention that on my Vormain the Sun God is female in
>imitation of the Japanese original. It gives a sense of seperation of the
>Vormaini from all other Gloranthan cultures.

Which was also decided upon when I looked at Vormain with some others on
this list. However I have been informed that the Oceans Book has taken
a different tangent with respect to Vormain in general and so all bets
are off.

Saravan Peacock:

Me>>The perception that Somashi clothing is feminine
>>comes from the viewpoint of the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass where the
>>Chiefs and Kings wear pants.

>Well... except for those sexy skirt type things they seem so fond of...

Kilts are not feminine in Orlanthi eyes.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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