The Elves of Fethlon

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Date: Wed 16 Oct 1996 - 03:00:34 EEST

        Recently I have been working on background information for a
campaign set along the coast of Teshnos and among the Sofali Islands. In
the course of this I have been considering the Embyli of Fethlon and the
islands. THese are some of the conclusions that I have come to:

        1 The size of the Fethlon jungle suggested to me that there is
likely to be more than a single queendom within it. I am currently
considering about eight with an additional one on Trowjang. There is also a
small queendom of Brown Elves in the northern reaches of the jungle.

        2 The queendoms are likely to engage in a style of warfare (yes,
between themselves) which is similar to that carried out by the Maya on the
Yucatan peninsula. These wars are not based in territorial gains but in the
gathering of prestige which works both for the individual and for the queendom.

        3 Cities which have been abandoned by the Teshnans, and reclaimed
by the jungle have been taken over by the Yellow Elves. They have not
cleared the cities, simply moved into them. It is in these ruins that the

queendoms display those markers of their prestige ( I picture these as being
similar to the stele of the Maya, but in the form of beautiful plants that
bare some form of marker indicative of the successes of the queendom and its

        4 The Yellow Elves are likely to have a much closer connection to
the cult of Alio (Yelmalio) than other groups of elves. This is either an
influence from Teshnos or is the reason the there are good relations with

        5 The Teshnans are in the unenviable situation of having to buy
off the Embyli with the payment of tribute ( I got this idea from the digest

and I would like to that the person who suggested it, sorry I can't remember
who it was at this moment). This suggests a more aggressive stance on the
part of the elves than is found in other parts of Genertela. It is likely
to be tied to the great lethargy of the people of Teshnos.

        I would be interested to hear what people might think of these ideas.



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