Light Red

From: Klaus Ole Kristiansen (
Date: Wed 16 Oct 1996 - 10:41:14 EEST

"Pearce, Chris" <> writes:

>So I think it is clear that different Gloranthan cultures would
>categorize colors differently, though it might be going overboard to
>give Lunars ten shades of red and Orlanthi ten shades of blue. (AFAIK,
>the subjects in the experiment sorted the marbles only into a relatively
>small set of piles.) But the Lunars might have violet, red, and orange,
>while the Orlanthi only have red. However, asked to clarify, the
>Orlanthi would probably call an orange object light red, and a violet
>object a bluish red.

The shade of red that is called lyserød (light red) in Danish is
called pink in English. I have been told, but still find it very
difficult to believe, that the English consider this a color, not
a shade of red.

Klaus O K


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