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Hi all,

+ Praxian sky worshipers
I think that we can divide the praxian tribes in two groups.
One group is made of the unicorn tribe, the zebra nation and the
ostrich nation.
For them the sun god defines the rules of society and thus is a very
important god. Whatever his name (Yu-Kazgant for the zebra nation
or Yelm), he is the khan of the universe and the sun.
Only the zebra nation still has Yelm worshipers.
The unicorn tribe is composed of women who worship Yelorna.
The ostrich nation's Yelm worshipers were all killed during the
dragonkill war, but they still worship Yelmalio.

The other nations think that the sun is very useful since without
it no plant can grow.
Their society is not defined either by Yelm's justice.
I think that Sun Hawk and the sun are seen as separate but friendly

+Light sons restrictions
I think that outside Prax, light sons are allowed to ride sky animals
and not restricted to horses.
This comes from the Solitude of testing. This rule was made to avoid
going native. It allowed the Sun County to remain different from the
zebra and the ostrich nations. (ostrich are sky animals, zebra are

part sky animals). The ban on Hazia smoking comes from the same
period. For foiling nomad raids the Sun county depended on lookouts,
and a hazia smoker is not very good at this job.

Since only men are conscripted in the militia, a way to dodge the draft
is to wear a woman's dress. As officers, Light sons are to be examples
of courage and fortitude. They should not give a bad example to the troops.

+ Yelorna
AFAIK Yelorna is the starbringer and is associated with unicorns.
IMO any culture that was saved by the star captains (who were guided
by Yelorna) worship her. This does not mean that she is a cult for
the average person.
For example I think that around 5 out of 1000 Pelorian women are initiated
in the cult.

+ Teshnos
In G:CttHW, elves are described as friendly with the Teshnans, so I
don't think that they demand tribute from Teshnos.

On the lethargy.
Before the Dawn, after the Shame happened (I don't remember the peoples
involved), the Vessel of Light decided that no innovation could be done
without approval from Zitro Argon (Dayzatar). I think that he could
communicate with the god.
In the second age, this communication was lost, probably because the
god learners interfered with it.
Since 600 years the Vessel of Light tries to reach his god, but fails
and thus cannot and may not allow changes in the way that things are
done in Teshnos.



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