Orlanth Suppression

From: Saravan Peacock (saravan@perth.DIALix.oz.au)
Date: Thu 17 Oct 1996 - 04:53:41 EEST

To my query about the nature of the Lunar ban on Orlanth worship, Peter replied:

>The chief
>effect this will have is that magics which are normally invoked at such
>gatherings can not be cast in the New Order: ie blessings of victory in
>combat for the current year.
>The Orlanthi clans will then be under pressure from neighbouring
>clans who do not invoke Orlanth as their patron for they will not have
>the clan magic backing that the others do because of the prohibition of
>Orlanthi worship. The Orlanthi clans can choose to overcome their
>disadvantage by revolting (which rarely works) or by choosing some other
>god (such as the Red Moon [Colymar], Yelm [Aldachur] and Humakt [Malani])
>as their patron.

O.K. That makes sense over a period of time. It took the Carolingians a
good thirty years to subdue those dang Saxons and convert them from

Paganism, through more or less the same means. It ties in with another idea
I had that the majority of the clan eschews open worship of Orlanth, making
their public ceremonies those of, say, Ernalda and Barntar, and Elmal to
defend the steads, while a small number of die hards go out in secret each
Orlanth holy day to worship in the old holy places in the hills. This would
be easier for those in the mountains and high places away from the main
forces of the Lunar occupation.

Even given this, might the Lunars allow Orlanth worship by subservient
clans whose troublesome members have already been purged? Like they do in
Pavis. I can see that the Pavis situation is different, given Peter's
explanation, in that the clan and tribal ties don't need to be broken

there. The Orlanthi in Pavis are a much more motley bunch. But
nevertheless, they DO allow worship, when they could just as easily outlaw
it entirely - even more easily than in Sartar where their opponents are
potentially an entire nation...




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