Fethlon Jungle

From: Anthony Bushell (Anthony.Bushell@anu.edu.au)
Date: Thu 17 Oct 1996 - 09:06:09 EEST

Peter made some interesting points

>When do you think these cities were abandoned?

        I am of the opinion that these cities were abandoned well after the
great lethargy descended upon the land of Teshnos. Looking at the geography
of the Teshnan coast and the Sofali Islands I do not think that the Closing
would have been felt as markedly here as in other parts of Genertela. What
I mean by this is that i do not think the Closing radically affected the
situation of Teshnan cities that were consequently abandoned. Therefore, I
would postulate that the cities were abandoned after the Closing only
because there was a general feeling of isolation and withdrawal throughout
Genertela. It also makes available sites that are older for adventurers to
explore if they have the inclination.

>However Yellow elves do not dominate the forests like other elves do.

        Peter's comment on the Embyli not dominating the Fethlon jungle is
one that I had let slip. Of course the jungles are also inhabited by the
Hsunchen tribes, who will have their affect on the politics of the jungle as
well. Having the elves concentrated around sacred groves is interesting. I
have thought of the elves of Fethlon as rather more aggressive than most
other elven groups, to the point where they fight among themselves as well.
By concentrating the population into smaller core regions this increases the
overlapping 'no-elves land' between these core areas (sorry if I am sounding
a little anthropological, but I am an archaeologist).

>...twisted evil hsunchen...

        I very fond of this suggestion. It lends itself to an air of the
sinister lurking within the jungle (something jungles don't actually need
enhanced I can tell you). Looking at them as Yaksas and Raksasas is
interesting, and fits in nicely with the general feel everyone seems to have
for Teshnos. In India the Raksasas were the inhabitants of the forests and
jungles, mainly of the south, so why not the east for Teshnos. Afterall, it
is to the east that the great Kralorelan Empire lies, something that is
considered evil by the people of Teshnos.

>...the Teshnans call such payments a stipend.

        We all know that regardless as to what the Teshnans may call the
payment, they make it because their own miltary is so pitiable. I notice
that the land of Wokistan is where the Prince of Eagles resides, and that it
borders the Fethlon jungle. Interesting that the best troops in Teshnos are
stationed close to these vassals. Some may argue that they are there to act
as a second line of defence should the evil empire break through the elven
lines, but we all know it is because the Teshnans are terrified that the
elves may seek to expand the jungle in their direction.



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