From: Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG (bernuetz.oliver@cbsc.ic.gc.ca)
Date: Thu 17 Oct 1996 - 18:46:45 EEST

In Glorantha Digest V3 #234 Jean said:

> The ban on Hazia smoking comes from the same
>period. For foiling nomad raids the Sun county depended on lookouts,
>and a hazia smoker is not very good at this job.

I don't find this a very convincing argument. Here's some counter proposals
and arguments:

1) Drunkards make lousy lookouts too and there's no evidence that alcohol
in the form of beer is banned. There is evidence however that alcohol
production is controlled by the Sun Dome which is notoriously intolerant
when it comes to attacks on their monopolies.

2) It's easier for the Sun Dome to control beer brewing since I would
imagine almost all the barley grown has to be accounted for and turned over
to the temple. It's much easier to hide hazia growing and consumption
since smaller crops produce bigger highs. (it's also easier to hide a joint
when you're on duty than a flask of beer). If the Sun Dome can't control it
they might as well ban it.

3) Hazia's a foreign introduction so it has to be bad. Some stinking plant
originally grown in the dark woods? As compared to beautiful barley which
is blessed by Yelm himself and turns a lovely golden colour when ripe?
  Mmmm, barley mush, the breakfast of champions.

4) There doesn't have to be a rational reason. Look at our society which
supports and approves of alcohol and tobacco but bans pot. There's no
rational reason there.

5) As opposed to the temple bar (IMG at least) which is just about the only
place to get legal beer in Sun County you can smoke hazia anywhere-and worst
of all anyone, even women can do it! It's okay for a bunch of the good ol'
boys to gather in the temple for a snoutful once a week and get a good buzz
on, but women drinking? Unheard of and probably sacriligeous. Control,
control, control.

Oliver D. Bernuetz


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