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Date: Thu 17 Oct 1996 - 19:56:00 EEST

David Cake's history of the Yelorna cult sounds plausible. (Ralios to
Dorastor to Jarst to Prax). And, like most cults, if it is small enough
that it can escape conflict with published sources. Even more fun, if
the cult is in Jarst, it could also have a small following among Pentan

I like the idea of Yelorna being a star deity who led the Galinini
through the Darkness. Perhaps the Galinini were more matriarchal once
the sun left? (After all, modern animal behavior field studies show
that wild horse herds are actually led by a high-ranking mare.) Perhaps
Ehlim's return overshadowed the Yelornans, so she led her women toward
Nysalor's light in the First Age.

The Lowfires

>IMHO - the lowfires are known as Lodrils children in at least parts
of Peloria,

I would expect that the Pelorian Lodrilli have several types of fire
that are considered Lodril's children - the lowfires are the only three
known to other, non-Lodrilli cultures.

We know of:
Hearth Fire - the fire that Lodril gives to his wives for the Home
Forge Fire - the fire which works the bones of the Gods
Wild Fire - the fire that Destroys

But how about also:
Earth Fire - the First and the Strongest (lava)
Soul Fire - the invisible fire that burns inside all living things -
the heat that Lodril used to give all things life
Sacrifice Fire - the fire that transforms the mundane into the divine
Crop Fire - the helpful, fertile Fire that burns and fertilizes the
fields anew)
Watch Fire - the Fire that holds back the Night

Perhaps Lodrili have many Sacred Fires, but don't single out Oakfed,
Gustbran, and Mahome for special treatment.
(I wonder how the Lodril/Turos cults would use the fires? Maybe there
are initiates who specialize in certain paths, or these fires represent
levels of initiation?)

> if the concensus is that the Lodril cult
description is all garbage (and it is certainly the most gratuitous God
Learnerism known to man at the very least), I'm prepared to abandon it.

I had the impression that the Lodril cult in WW is largely a Caladraland
version, though the Yelm stuff in it sounds more Pelorian. I would put

that description (and the Yelm description, for that matter), in the
class of all the "general" Gloranthan publications (GoG, G:tCHW, etc.)
- - too general to adopt completely for specific areas of Glorantha.

Therefore, to play with Lodrilli in Dara Happa, you'd pretty much have
to write up your own version of the Lodril cult, as I am, alas,
discovering. I plan to take lots of stuff from the WW write up, (secret
warrior sects, holiday descriptions, etc), but will also add much from
GRoY and Entekosiad. I will replace the "imprisioned by Argan Argar in
the Castle of Black Glass" with the "trapped by Monster Man" myth, and
give the cult some underworld/demon restraining associates. And, of
course, lots of fertility magics.

Keep those mudpits warm...



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