Re: Somash in Prax?

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 00:33:00 EEST

Ian Gorlick complained to Peter Metcalfe:

>I object to your rendition of Somash in Sun County because there is no
>to support it.

There is one source which makes an association with Somash reasonable:
Greg's contribution to the RQ-Con 1 programme book, repeated in the
Convulsion '94 booklet, about the Elmal problem, has a passage which
describes young prince (not Prince with capital P) Tarkalor's travel to
Teshnos, and his bard's vision of multiple suns. It is likely that Monrogh
Lantern was a member of this party.

However, Somash is likely as stuck-up and stiff as is Praxian Yelmalio, if
the reaction of Garusharp at Gio is any measure. (It does remind me of
Biturian's mishap in Sun County...)

If it were Solf, or possibly even Calyz, who inspired the Praxian Sun Domer
cult, there might be use of Hazia in the rituals. With Somash, the
repressive attitude seems correct to me. If I look at the likely relation
between Somash and Solf, then the Somashi will likely try to outlaw the
cultic practices of Solf. In Teshnos, they might just not have found the
time to actually do it, yet...

Since Yelmalio has no history as plow god to speak of, who takes that role
in Sun County? Could this be where Solf crept in?


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