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Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 03:35:06 EEST

A.R.Wilson wondered

> What is the Orlanthi greeting for a stranger?

Surely it's the same as for anyone. The difference is in how strangers
respond. See also <>.

Saravan Peacock wondered

> might the Lunars allow Orlanth worship by subservient clans

I don't see why not. Empires don't have any particular axe to grind. Sure,
the Romans eradicated the Druids, but it was because they posed a threat,
not because they didn't like Paganism. The Romans, as you may recall,
refused to get involved in a minor religious dispute in Palestine. They
even had a little magical ceremony to show they were letting their subjects
rule themselves.

David Cake wrote

> I think that the Lunars do NOT outlaw Orlanth worship per se, but
> do outlaw the worship of certain banned sub-cults, hero cults, and
> associated cults, and also outlaw worship ceremonies led by outlaws.

Wow, those Lunars sure know an awful lot more than we gamers do about the
cult of Orlanth! I think that a Lunar is going to have a hard time telling
whether the group of people meeting at the Orlanth temple are subcult
members or not.

BTW, do Lunars technically have outlaws? That's really an Orlanthi concept.
I'd think that to the Lunars, no man is outside the law, and rather than
simply strip someone of legal protection, they would go after him with the
long arm of the law.

An interesting article on cave art in the 5 Oct 96 issue of Science News
explains Kolatings (Breath Shamans). Typical techniques to induce trances
include "dancing, isolation in dark places, rapid breathing, or the
ingestion of hallucinogenic plants." (I wonder why drumming isn't
mentioned.) "... San shamans used dancing and hyperventilation ..." So
Kolatings are literally breath shamans -- they travel the spirit world by

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