Orlanthi suppression - NOT

From: Martin Laurie (102541.3423@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 03:27:56 EEST

Nick B. gave a nice summation of why the Lunars wouldn't be suppressing the
Orlanth cult and wouldn't be slaughtering the male fighting age population. I
have to agree that those kinds of policies are straight from the Sheng Seleris
rule book on "Atrocity and Getting you're Subjects really pissed off" and not at
all Lunar (possibly Shargashi but they don't make policy in the Empire).

It seems quite clear in KoS that the tribal Kings do exist and the lunar policy
is to use Sartars tribal division against itself by divide and conquer policy.
This policy was most successfully enforced by Fazzur who understood clan and
tribal politics from his own life in a clan state. Tarsh may be more structured
towards unified action than Sartar but many of the small time political drives
are the same. This policy probably collapsed when Tatius took over. He was
pure Raibanthi Dara Happan and would consider the barbarian kings beneath his
notice. An Alkothi warlord would know his Eusibus and would have used them like
Fazzur, if less effectively.

Cult oppression will be indirect, rather like the Muslims did to other faiths in
Spain. They will tax the other faiths to support their own belief. So anyone
who converts to the Seven Mothers will be relieved of their tax burden, those
who stay Orlanthi have to shoulder it. A lot of Orlanthi would have gone with
it and many of the most important of these are eaten by the Dragon at the

The sad fact is that without the whole Dragon incident and even without the
Reaching Moon Temple, Lunar (or more acurately - Tarsh) power would have been
enforced on Sartar and eventually on the Grazelands. Given a generation more to
solidify their control Esrolia and Heortland would have been absorbed too. This

was all achieved with an Emperor who was a complete prat too.

Martin Laurie


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