Lunars in Dragon Pass

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 09:12:38 EEST

Martin Laurie wrote:

> The sad fact is that without the whole Dragon incident and even without the
> Reaching Moon Temple, Lunar (or more acurately - Tarsh) power would have been
> enforced on Sartar and eventually on the Grazelands. Given a generation more
> to solidify their control Esrolia and Heortland would have been absorbed too.

I agree: it's always sad to consider the might-have-beens...

The Islamic model for conversion (tax breaks for the Faithful, poll tax for the
Infidel) was great fun while it lasted, but did in the end destroy the revenues
of the Umayyad Caliphate. Y'see, if you're an expanding religious empire that
gets a significant part of its revenue from taxing the infidels, sooner or later
almost everyone who you could hope to get tax from will convert... and state
income goes down the pan. Still a good model for the Lunars in Dragon Pass,
though, as it has its own inbuilt tensions which make good scenario material
(e.g. the Tax Farmers have an incentive to discourage people from converting to
the Lunar Way).

"I say we should tax all foreigners living abroad."



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