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Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 14:49:07 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

>However, Somash is likely as stuck-up and stiff as is Praxian Yelmalio, if
>the reaction of Garusharp at Gio is any measure. (It does remind me of
>Biturian's mishap in Sun County...) If it were Solf, or possibly even
>Calyz, who inspired the Praxian Sun Domer cult, there might be use of
>Hazia in the rituals. With Somash, the repressive attitude seems correct
>to me.

You're confusing your own ideas of what is considered conservative
moral behaviour with that of a radically different culture. We

could say that all conservative cultures ban homosexuality and then
look stupid when someone brings up Sparta. It's a faulty argument.

You're also muddling the waters between the conservatism of the
Somash cult in Teshnos and Varthanis's morals in Prax. The way

the cult is run in Teshnos had only a minor influence with how
Varthanis decreed that the cult should be run.

And Solf can't be transmitted because he is not the Sun. Monrogh
had the Vision of the Many Suns, remember?

>If I look at the likely relation between Somash and Solf, then the
>Somashi will likely try to outlaw the cultic practices of Solf. In
>Teshnos, they might just not have found the time to actually do it,

Merely because they see it as repugnant does not mean that it will
be banned. Who has managed to ban prostitution? The Cult of Solf
is seen as a necessary evil by the Higher Orders as an example of
What Happens To Bad People. He is the unfocused fire, the flame
that burns without discipline. People who regularly partake of the
vapours of his flames do not receive the Pure Visions of Heaven but
are compelled to become gluttons, sexual deviants and drunkards
through their gross hallucinations.

The Priesthood of Solf maintain many public houses in Teshnos to
demonstrate to the faithful just how bad the Flames of Solf are for
a certain donation. They believe that if you can percieve a certain
error while in a Solf Vision and under the guidance of a Priest then
you will be able to avoid the associated hell when you die. (The
Higher Castes have no need of this for they are pure enough to see
the Way to Heaven and can follow it directly after they die). Of
course, people do need return trips to perfect their understanding
of an error. However practice of Solfic rituals without the
supervision of a Priest is a Wicked Deed and Offenders are punished
severely. That way the Streets and Homes of Teshnos are safe and the
people pious for all the depravity, er, solfic rituals takes place in
a controlled environment.

>Since Yelmalio has no history as plow god to speak of, who takes that role
>in Sun County? Could this be where Solf crept in?

Whatever happened to Barntar, Son of Yelmalio and Ernalda?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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