Ralios, Rune magic, new web site

From: Paolo Guccione (teigupa@tss.tei.ericsson.se)
Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 15:01:13 EEST

Hi all,

My gloranthan web page is now available at:


It features some amount of stuff about Safelster (including the sample
guild descriptions I mentioned in a previous post) and a variant Rune
Magic system based on the runic association of spells, plus cult samples
for this system. Some of this will be published on paper by the RQ
Society, as you should already know. I hope I will be able to update the
site frequently.

BTW, is it the first gloranthan page by an Italian contributor? I hope
it is not!

Paolo Guccione
                teigupa@tss.ericsson.se p.guccione@geco.it


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