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Hi all

+ Hazzia
Oliver finds some good reasons to ban hazzia in Sun County.

Here are my answers
1) There are no prohibition against drinking alcohol, but
there are prohibitions against being drunk.

4) The description of hazia's effects in Sun County makes it
a strong intoxicant, one pipe and the smoker is out for a long
time. That said, it is possible, that in a distant past, smoking
hazzia was legal (at the beginning of the century, cocaine use was
legal in France).

For the other reasons, I agree with you.

+ Teshnos

To make things clear, for me Somash *is* Yelm, since he is
the sun and he runs the country. They are diffrerences with
his cult in Dara Happa or among the nomads, but he is the
same god.
Yelmalio is the son of the sun, the sky dome. It is possible
that in Sun County, they adopted some customs from Teshnos, but
communications across the Wastes are difficult.

The Sun County is a military colony, where initially the inhabitants
had possession of the land in exchange of military service.
Since plowing is often a men's job and since almost all the men
are initiates of Yelmalio, they plow. In Teshnos, the peasants worship
Solf and are ruled by bureaucrats who worship Somash.

+ Glorantha the Game
If there are rules for ships, they should take care of a ship's rigging.
A free trader of the sea (a pirate in short), might want to slow his
prey in order to board it. One good tactic is to fire on the masts.
But with the current system, you can only damage the ship's hull, and
risk to lose both prizes (the ship and her cargo).



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