lunars and sonar

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 20:38:00 EEST

To join the many good arguments already made as to why the Lunars would
not directly ban Orlanth worship in Sartar:

1) I second Marin Laurie's point about how the Lunars have themselves
experienced severe persecution under Sheng, and, if they are capable of
learning anything, would have figured out by now that extreme oppression
leads to extreme opposition.

2) The Lunar Empire has already come to at least a peaceful
understanding with the Orlanthi/Theyalan populations of Tarsh, Scylilla,
Dara-ni, Talastar, and maybe even those on the fringes of Carmania.
If they started a policy of extreme persecution of Orlanth worshippers
in Sartar, they might incurr rebellion in their other provinces.

 It's much better to bring these provincial troops in and manipulate
traditional barbarian infighting to do the job for you...

Uz sonar

> If this is a subsonic "ping" like sonar, wouldn't the receivers on other Uz
notice it?

Wow! Good question! I would think they would. The range of
frequencies trolls can hear is probably great. I can't imagine the
outgoing "ping" changing so much in frequency just because it bounced
that it suddenly becomes audible.
(Of course we're assuming that sound in Glorantha is made by compression
waves....) Heck - maybe Darkness itself is a source of energy, and has
its own waves, just like light? If the darkness itself were providing
the waves to reflect off objects, thenDarksense would be passive. (But
also available to other races who were attuned to Darkness.)

>This might be a good reason why Uzko have kept (and even refined on) Uzuz
eyes; it can be _dangerous_ to sense/scan other trolls.

This is a great deduction! It explains why trollkin have great big
eyes, but Big Uz have little bitty ones. (Eyes are often vulnerable in
fights, and a source of heat loss. Why have big ones if you can use
another sense?)

Troll art:
> it was the combination of textures on the surface of the object, various
hollowed out portions, and the
introduction of denser materials inside that gave a remarkably pleasing
effect for Darksense.

Nice image!



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