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>The sad fact is that without the whole Dragon incident and even without the
>Reaching Moon Temple, Lunar (or more acurately - Tarsh) power would have been
>enforced on Sartar and eventually on the Grazelands.

Says who? It wasn't until the 1860s/70s that the US managed to 'tame' the
native Indians and get them all on reservations and, according to Angie
Debo, the premier reason why Indians became 'settled' is because they
wanted to. They were sick of war and wanted to become farmers.
Now that's a
long time from when the Pilgrim Fathers landed there. And, given the
magical nature of Glorantha and the fact that Sartar is the 'centre' of
Genertela and the Feathered Horse Queen is a hero in Dragon Pass, it would
be far more difficult for the Lunars to achieve the same thing. IMO the
Lunars wouldn't want to do that anyway, I see them being more Soviet minded
in this matter - surround your empire with client states so that no foreign
invader sets foot on your own soil. It doesn't matter if your client states
get devastated, your own land does not. Prax, Sartar & the Grazelands as
client buffer states would make the Lunar Empire almost impervious to
anything bar the most major invasion.

>>Does anybody out there know the troop numbers of regiments within the lunar
>>army and also the size of 'field armies' that the Orlanthi barbarians can
>The best source for such information is the order of battle for 'Dragon
>Pass' at the moment. Wyrms Footprint contains some information about
>the Lunar Forces used in Starbrow's revolt.

Unfortunately I don't have Dragon Pass - is it different from WBRM? nor
the relevant Wyrm's Footprints. The reason I asked it because I'm looking
to do a tactical scale board wargame that's on a smaller scale than DP so
you can effectively manage about a 10,000 man army. MOB and Mr Gidlow, if
you're out there, you should know about all this.


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