solar burials

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Sat 19 Oct 1996 - 00:47:00 EEST

 Anthony Bushell wonders about burial methods of the Gloranthan
solar cults.

According to GRoY, the Dara Happans burn their solar cultists, and they
have historical competitions to see who can make as little smoke as

The Shargashi Dara Happans place their dead w/ accompanying grave goods
in a special Enclosure temple, and then during sacred time they torch
the whole lot. (See GRoY for more details.)

GRoY also mentioned the practices of the Hyalorings. They placed their
dead on tall biers, and let the sun and wind carry them off. I think
the Grazers still do this. Some Pentans may as well.

I'm not sure about the Sun Domers. They may have a general wood
shortage, and may bury their dead. But they always seemed to have a
pretty strong earth connection as well.

I would think that burying the dead is not a very Solar concept, as the
best way to get to the Halls of Bright Dead is to accompany the
Allfather himself when he sets at night. Trotting down through all the
layers of underworld would be too horrible to contemplate.

> Rivere of Cradles tells us that the Orlanthi of Sartar use sky
burials and cremation to bring their people closer to the wind and

We play that the Orlanthi strive to make a lot of smoke on a burial
fire, because it's the smoke that is bourne on the winds to Orlanth.



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