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Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 23:18:00 EEST

Pam Carlson

replying to Dave Cake:
>> if the concensus is that the Lodril cult
>>description is all garbage (and it is certainly the most gratuitous God
>>Learnerism known to man at the very least), I'm prepared to abandon it.

>I had the impression that the Lodril cult in WW is largely a Caladraland
>version, though the Yelm stuff in it sounds more Pelorian.

I tried to use the Caladraland angle, and got the impression that the
description was mostly Pelorian...

I have been trying since to write up the myths of Caladril (Ga-Lodril, as
per God Learner nomenclature) for my Holy Country mythic history, but it's
hard to avoid God Learner traps, Pelorian influences, and blandness all at once.

Would there be howls of pain if I posted some of my work-in-process?

>I will replace the "imprisioned by Argan Argar in
>the Castle of Black Glass" with the "trapped by Monster Man" myth, and
>give the cult some underworld/demon restraining associates. And, of
>course, lots of fertility magics.

I am, of course, taking the opposite course. Effectively, I have taken the
myth of joining with the ground monster as the hear of the myths of
Ga-Lodril, and I've separated it from the Krarsht/Footprint myth. I had to
find a reason why Caladril was imprisoned, but I found Raging Sea quenched
him and his spouse.

I have found it difficult to get rid of all the Yelm references and the Dara
Happan garbage which poisoned the Theyalan culture...


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