Dara Happans in Sartar

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Fri 18 Oct 1996 - 23:18:00 EEST

Nick Broke in reply to Saravan's:

>> It took the Carolingians a good thirty years to subdue those dang Saxons
>> and convert them from Paganism, through more or less the same means.

>As a fellow Dark Age historian, professional courtesy requires that I ask
>Saravan whether he *really* thinks the Lunars are pursuing a policy of
>forcible conversion to the Lunar way, with the death penalty prescribed for
>any Sartarite speaking a stave of Orlanthi "poetry" or not attending Lunar
>worship services on Lunar holy days. If not, the means are hardly "more or
>less the same", are they?

I agree that "the Lunars" don't, particularly the Moonie zealots and the
Theyalan-culture Lunars, like Nick's Heroes of Wisdom-character Octavian
Suppositorius, or Fazzur Wideread.

A totally different approach is taken by the die-hard Dara Happan officials
in the Provincial Gouvernment. If Euglyptus wasn't as rigid in persecuting

the Orlanthi faith as Nick's example above, I blame this on his (vast)
incompetence. His nephew Tatius the Bright is quite pissed at any Theyalan
after the forcible displacement of his uncle, and just waits for his
opportunity to give it back to the barbarian scum. His take-over at
Whitewall is a first, extremely satisfying personal revenge against the cult
of Orlanth. His promotion to Provincial Gouvernor-General would give him
even more opportunity, but burdens him with important imperial work. At
least he manages to usurp Old Wind territory for the prospected Temple of
the Reaching Moon - "He had determined the most magical place to build many
years earlier" (KoS p.150), ha! Fazzur's choice of Nochet for the new TotRM
would have covered all of the Holy Country, and Sartar, not just a few
meagre 35,000 farmers in "civilized Prax".

So, beware where the Lunar officials are from Dara Happa, and less pragmatic
than Gordius Silverus - they will go over the top if let loose... at least IMG.


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