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Date: Sat 19 Oct 1996 - 01:41:53 EEST

Pam replies to Uz darksense:

<<<<If this is a subsonic "ping" like sonar, wouldn't the receivers on other
Uz notice it?>>>>
 <<Wow! Good question! I would think they would. >>

The description in TR seems to imply that it is an active (and primarily

<<The range of frequencies trolls can hear is probably great.>>

You will notice the starting Listen base of 35% tends to support that.

Perhaps we should compare and look at the similairities with dolphin sonar?
Any experts out there?

<<(Of course we're assuming that sound in Glorantha is made by compression
 waves....) Heck - maybe Darkness itself is a source of energy, and has its
own waves, just like light? If the darkness itself were providing the waves
to reflect off objects, thenDarksense would be passive. (But also available
to other races who were attuned to Darkness.)>>

Here we go off onto another thread (i.e. does light bend), but I agree it
does merit looking (darkscanning?) into. I feel that all of the elements have
some "magic force" behind it that is only affected if the opposing element is
strong enough, thus you can have shades (I guess it sounds better than
"darks" but does not give a clear picture of what they truly are, darkness
elementals, not shadows) strutting about in the daylight, for example.
<<<<This might be a good reason why Uzko have kept (and even refined on) Uzuz
 eyes; it can be _dangerous_ to sense/scan other trolls.>>>>
<<This is a great deduction! It explains why trollkin have great big eyes,
but Big Uz have little bitty ones. (Eyes are often vulnerable in fights, and
a source of heat loss. Why have big ones if you can use another sense?)>>

I agree with the vulnerability in fights, but I consider Uz to be dark/cold
based and if anything it would be a source of cold loss, their insulation
keeping them cool. Uz in my game suffer from heat exaustion in a similiar way
that Agimori do cool enviroments.
Pam replies to Troll art:
<<<<it was the combination of textures on the surface of the object, various
 hollowed out portions, and the introduction of denser materials inside that
gave a remarkably pleasing effect for Darksense.>>>>

<<Nice image! >>

I agree also, and tend to use a ruling like that of the limit on speaking
Auld Wyrmish if you were not a dragonewt to 30%. If you do not have
darksense, you cannot read Darktongue more than 30%, and then it is more of a
touch language for non-uz (kind of like braile) as their writing is etched
into materials (for crude writings, you can use your claws, finer writings
use finer implements) and the finer writing is harder to make out with just
your fingertips. Thus when you go into a Uz temple, alot of the writings are
on the walls, it is just not visible to most, as it does not stand out being
a different color, and most likey, the room will not be well lit!



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