Dragon Pass, etc.

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Date: Sat 19 Oct 1996 - 04:25:19 EEST

Danny Bourne Writes:

<< Unfortunately I don't have Dragon Pass - is it different from WBRM?>>

Dragon Pass is out of print, but I believe that Avalon Hill might have some
in stock still.

<<relevant Wyrm's Footprints.>>

That is still available, Wizard's Attic (WizAttic@aol.com) might have it, if
not I am sure someone here knows who does.

<<The reason I asked it because I'm looking to do a tactical scale board
wargame that's on a smaller scale than DP so you can effectively manage about
a 10,000 man army. MOB and Mr Gidlow, if you're out there, you should know
about all this. >>

I have some files of old digest threads regarding the numbers of troops in
specific areas. I have not sorted those out yet, but I can zip them and
foward them to you if you email me that you want it.

Check out my Upland Marsh web pages, they are an ongoing effort to sort out
all those other fabulous page out there. They contain stories, cults,
scenarios, magics, and plunder. It is at:


Also, if anyone is interested here is Avalon Hill's web page:



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