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G'day all,


I have enjoyed reading the recent Troll Darksense thread, particularly
James Frusetta's stuff on troll art - sounds like a fun campaign you've got
there James! Dredged from the files, here's my non-scientific take
on the topic (from an entry in the first ever 'Notes from Nochet' column
in issue #4 of Tales!)

A Paper by Theodopolus Pandarus, Initiate of Lhankor Mhy, on the
Sensibilities and Vulnerability of Troll "Darksense".

Translated from the Pavic by Trevor Ackerly & Michael O'Brien.

A perennial problem in the destruction of trolls has always been their
ability to see at night through use of their so-called "Darksense". This
gives them a great advantage over humans. Having consulted with Lucien
the Diviner, master of natural philosophy at this temple, I have found a
way to confound the Darksense of a troll. According to Lucien, trolls
emit ultrasonic noises that propagate through the air and bounce off
obstacles. The speed of propagation is dependent upon the medium
traversed. Trolls measure the distance to a target by the time it
takes through the air to reach the object, and measure time in
heartbeats. **This means that when they become excited in battle, they
may think their enemies are further away than they really are**. Thus
they can sometimes be set upon and annihilated in ambushes.

**groovy MGF-able point to the article!

More subtly however, their sense can be distorted by altering the density
of the air. This can be achieved by summoning an air elemental and ordering
it to compress itself down in area. To be effective, the elemental must
either be summoned up either around the target or around the troll.

I had occasion to test this theory upon a trollball player, and the results
were quite outstanding. The troll was unable to accurately strike a
target enshrouded by the air elemental. A smaller sized sylph was
enough to cause inaccuracy, a larger one was sufficient to make the
troll miss all missile shots and nearly all melee blows. The troll's
Darksense was unable to sense the pressure difference around the target.
I intended to continue the experiment further, but the troll refused to
let the wind voice assisting me wrap the elemental around it. I understand
the Orlanth priest involved later received an invitation from the
trollball player's team manager to help them in their next match for
a fee.




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