DP unit sizes, smaller game

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Sun 20 Oct 1996 - 16:15:00 EEST

Danny Bourne
>>>Does anybody out there know the troop numbers of regiments within the lunar
>>>army and also the size of 'field armies' that the Orlanthi barbarians can

The generally accepted number is a "nominal 1000" (i.e. 700 to 1200) per
DP/WBRM infantry counter, and "nominal 500" for cavalry units. The article
in Wyrm's Footnotes 7 on the Eaglebrowns corroborates this, at least for
good quality cavalry.

>The reason I asked it because I'm looking
>to do a tactical scale board wargame that's on a smaller scale than DP so
>you can effectively manage about a 10,000 man army.

That has already been done with WBRM rules in "The Battle of Dunstop
Castle", by Tadashi Ehara in Wyrm's Footnotes 3, where the DP counters were
used to represent smaller units, and on a tactical rather than strategic
map. For convenience, just divide trooper number by 10 or so.


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