Re: Glorantha Digest V3 #236: darksense

From: Paul Stolar (
Date: Sun 20 Oct 1996 - 22:38:51 EEST


     James Walter writes:
Colors, Textures, Densities & Darksense
Trolls that go "ping":
Something I've argued with other GMs (uh, usually while playing an Uz PC)
is whether or not Darksense is "noticed" by other Uz. If this is a
subsonic "ping" like sonar, wouldn't the receivers on other Uz notice it?
This might be a good reason why Uzko have kept (and even refined on) Uzuz
eyes; it can be _dangerous_ to sense/scan other trolls. Ogling the local
Kyger Litor priestess with your eyes is safer than darksense, which she's
better able to detect. IMO, darkscan would be more obvious to other Uz
than darksense... darksense is a little more "passive" and doesn't involve
as much active use of emissions. (For some trollkin, eyes become a
survival feature: although your trollish masters will give you a boot to
the head for being "uppity" and "looking" at them with darksense, you can
visually look at them with impunity. Some values might even develop the
ability to detect other colors...)
To be fair, the arguement I've heard against it is that the initial "ping"
is at a different pitch, and that until it "reflects" Uz don't pick it up.
Any thoughts?

I write:

I play that they can hear other trolls pinging, but since they are at a
different frequeency, it does not interfere with their darksense. Normal trolls
can turn theirs off and on, like closing your eyes, but have little control
beyond that. Uzuz can control their frequency. Enlo cannot even turn theirs off
and on, other than when asleep. This makes it difficult to use them to sneak up
on other Uz.

I also play that the Uz recognize each other by the sound of their ping. It
seems better than using sight for a sound based society.


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