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Date: Mon 21 Oct 1996 - 04:24:47 EEST

To reinforce the case for the belief in a harsh anit-Orlanth policy:

In the Genertela Players Book under the description of Orlanthi religion,
we have the relationships with the Lunar Deities in Peloria:

"The worship of Orlanth is supressed in these regions, especially by
destroying the temples which provide the natural focus for the interclan
tribes. Initiates reported to have "vanished, like the wind" probably
joined Barntar... who can be subsumed by the Ernalda temples which are
unmolested by Lunar demands." (p17) This is very similar to the situation
described in River of Cradles (which I posted earlier).

As for the even more extreme Storm Bulls being unmolested:

The Declaration of War upon the rebel tribes after Starbrow's Rebellion in
1613 states "...the Cult of Storm Bull is no longer neutral in the eyes of
the Empire, and all of its members and holy places are subject to immediate
death upon discovery." (!) (Wyrms Footprints p90)




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