Re: Glorantha Digest V3 #237

From: David (
Date: Mon 21 Oct 1996 - 07:36:50 EEST

>Wow, those Lunars sure know an awful lot more than we gamers do about the
>cult of Orlanth! I think that a Lunar is going to have a hard time telling
>whether the group of people meeting at the Orlanth temple are subcult
>members or not.

        The Lunars have quislings and so on to tell them whats what. And I
don't think they show an awful lot of discrimination here - its more any
form of worship that they hear about and decide they don't like gets
banned. So they ban worship at the Hill of Orlanth Victorious, and they ban
war clan rituals, etc. They ban anything which says Orlanth is the king of
the gods, ban rituals where he kills Yelm, ban 'the arming of Orlanth'.
Orlanth Rex worship is banned unless the clan chief is a Lunar ally and
within Orlanth Rex. But I think it tends to work more by banning folk they
don't like, and making listening to them an offence, which probably
essentially suppresses certain sub-cults. But you can still remain an
active Orlanth initiate, by worshipping Voriof and Barntar and Heler and
Orlanth the husband of Ernalda.

>BTW, do Lunars technically have outlaws? That's really an Orlanthi concept.
>I'd think that to the Lunars, no man is outside the law, and rather than
>simply strip someone of legal protection, they would go after him with the
>long arm of the law.

        Yeah, substitute 'rebel' for 'outlaw', rebel being legally a
subclass of criminal.




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