Sheng be one bad man

Date: Mon 21 Oct 1996 - 07:38:06 EEST

I gotta go up to Seattle, Pam's country, briefly, and grab a U-Haul truck and
move down, and my good intentions of meeting Pam and other Gloranthan
Seattlites aren't likely to manifest given the speed of my travels, so here's
a quick comment in reply to Pam before I go...

I said: > The reason Dara Happa no longer looks like Assyria/Persia is that
Sheng Seleris came in and
destroyed most anything he found standing.

Pam said:
I don't agree. It seems to me that Sheng had a thing for the Red Moon
in particular. He _really_ persecuted Torang and maybe Naveria, so
there may have been a lot of physical destruction there. But although
Sheng sat on top of DH, I think the mythic path of greatest power for
him would have been to rule it, not destroy it. Milk it for POW, money,
slaves, whatever, but I just don't see him levelling the place.

For what it's worth, Greg's view of Sheng's occupation of the area is *worse*
than levelling it. He did his best to metaphysically destroy it. When The
Fortunate Succession speaks of Sheng's dominance as a period of Kazkhurtum,
the empty sun, it means darkness at noon, demons everywhere, the Gods Wall
covered in mountains of filth and magical blasts, etc.

Hmmm, maybe I can write a little more about Sheng when I get back.



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