Sun Domers - Burial Customs

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Date: Mon 21 Oct 1996 - 12:42:23 EEST

Firstly, let me (re-)introduce myself. I'm Jon Green, a software engineer at
Harlequin Ltd. I've just resubscribed after having been off the list for
about two years. Further details in my Web pages. I've just started a new
Balazaring campaign (old friends will say, "No surprise there...") with the
CoC and RQ group I'm in. (, under
active development.)

So, my 2p'orth... In Balazar, the Yelmalion cult is a lot closer to the
"Mountain Sun" aspect of Yelmalio, and also to Vrimak, as evidenced by the
prevalence of Great Hawk riding amongst favoured senior Initiates and Rune
levels (there's a minor Heroquest that goes with that, and a story).

Although wood isn't in such short supply as in Sun County (and perhaps
because - the funerary pyre wouldn't be so expensive to build), I have it
that the bodies of the honoured Yelmalion dead are "laid out to the sky" on
pylons in high places; both given back to the sky and offered for the hawks,
which don't take long to pick clean the bones. Two weeks later, the bones
and whatever's left are taken down in due ceremony and cremated over
charcoal. What happens to them thereafter varies by location, and their
families' decision. (If you're interested, email me; it's outside the scope
of this posting.)

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