"Somash" in Prax

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Date: Mon 21 Oct 1996 - 13:27:15 EEST

More on this Somash malarkey:

Joerg B:
>> One important question to me is when did Varthanis change the Sun Dome
>> cult of unknown name to Monrogh's version?

Peter M:
> In KoS, he taught Yelmalio to Sun County when he came over with Duke
> Dorasar.

IMG, the god of the Sun Dome Temple in Prax (good ol' Sun County) has
always been called "Yelmalio" (since its founding in the Second Age), and
this was the source of the name and the inspiration that Monrogh brought to
Sartar in Tarkalor's time.

>> When did the Somashi (and their servants) sift into Sun County? Was
>> Monrogh part of this cultural transfer?

> The Somash cult came to Sun County on the way back and Monrogh was part
> of it. He did not bring any Teshnan Priests with him IMO ('too far to
> walk and I don't ride no stinking steed'). He merely preached and showed
> them the basic rituals and holy writings.

IMG, Monrogh wasn't "preaching Somash" -- but the presence of a "liberal"
Solar holy man describing what he had seen in the temples of the Distant
East had an impact on poor, weak-willed Varthanis, who tried to reconstruct
some elements of what Monrogh had described as Solar Cultic Ritual when he
was in a position to influence Sun County ritual. And failed. The thought
that Monrogh handed out manuscripts of Teshnan religious writings fills me
with amusement -- the ones with pictures of Solf-cult sacred rituals might
be popular, but I doubt Monrogh himself could read them, let alone the
parochial xenophobes of Sun County.

IMG, Sun County in Prax may have experimented with rituals inspired by
Monrogh's descriptions of Teshnos (also, it's likely some Sun Domers joined
Tarkalor's expedition to the East and brought back their own stories).

Also IMG, seeing the Solar Temples of Prax (Yelmalio) and Teshnos (Somash)
was what inspired Monrogh to reestablish the derelict Sun Dome Temple of
Dragon Pass, importing the Praxian Yelmalio cult as an alternative to the
native Elmal-worship of his homeland -- the Vision of the Many Suns was a
part of this process, his moment of inspiration.

Saravan quibbles in V3#243.

> From: Saravan Peacock <saravan@perth.DIALix.oz.au
> Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 09:24:47 +0800
> Subject: Occupied Sartar

Reread his post, noting the words "in these regions" (i.e. it's in Peloria
that the worship of Orlanth, god of assassins, usurpers, violence and bad
weather is, unsurprisingly, suppressed), and "in 1613" (i.e. *even* the
Storm Bull cult was considered neutral by the Empire for eleven years after
the Liberation of Boldhome). Then decide whose version to trust.



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