From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Comp) (a-daniem@microsoft.com)
Date: Mon 21 Oct 1996 - 20:38:27 EEST

        I, too have greatly enjoyed the recent postings on darksense,
especially the idea that trolls can sence each other's presence by the
"ping" of their sonar. It rings of truth also that the Uzuz can
actually "see" using the sonar of others around them. It ties in
beautifully with the Troll myths of Kyger Litor. "She is we, and We are
HER..." as a Troll increases in power and presteige, she becomes ever
more aware of the "oneness" of all Uzdom. I think the tale in trollpack
from the priestess that fought Nysalor is an indication of this sort of
event, where a group of priestesses concentrate and see all through the
"eyes" (read: darksense) of each other -- and in the process summon the
Mother of All. ie. "Become" KL herself.

        Pam also brought up the Idea that darksense was actually a "darkness"
sonar, and not an air-based one. (like, say... the Red Bat's -- the red
goddess is after all vying for middle air) So instead of Sound, the
"pings" are actually transmitted through the "stuff" of darkness. This
would rule out MOB's Idea of using sylphs to confuse a troll, but would
retain MGF by making similar effects possible with Shades (more power to
the priestesses). This also has a "realistic" (and incidentally,
game-balancing) effect of making Trolls (esp. uzuz) "blind" in daylight
- -- there is no darkness to transmit their sonar. They could still
function using their eyes, but not comfortably -- much the way humans
can function in darkness using their hearing.
        Each "infusion" of light into the Uz race (Yelms descent creating Uzko,
and bright Nysalor's trollkin curse) has reduced the effectiveness of
darksense, and increased the effectiveness of sight. Once again
pointing to darkness as Necessary to Darksense in the same way that
light is necessary to vision.
        Another aside: Trollkin are probably particularly difficult if not
impossible for Uzuz to "see" from... due to their warped and ineffective
darksense. All the evidence needed to classify them as Animals, and not
part of the Uz race at all.

just another "shot in the dark" (ugh, sorry)


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