The Six Winds

From: David (
Date: Tue 22 Oct 1996 - 08:52:36 EEST

        My players have embarked on the preparations for a heroquest. The
first thing they are doing is trying to gain the Six Winds. They are
currently in Prax.
        Now, the Upper Wind is traditionally Gagarth, and could be some
other villainous bad wind god associated with the upper reaches of the air.
The Lower Wind is the Wind that blows in Hell, and traditionally associated
with trolls. Hellroar is possibly a lesser relation of the Lower Wind (and
probably will have to stand in in a pinch, unless anyone can make another
        But that leaves the Four other winds? Suggestions?
        Currently, as the campaign is set in Prax, the four winds are
        East - Storm Bull
        West - Orlanth (wind god of the Sartarites to the West)
        North - Valind (or another wind god from the cold mountains)
        South - a wind god that has something to do with the ocean? But NOT
Brastalos (she is the goddess of the Seventh Wind).

        Any suggestions for appropriate Praxian analagues to the various
winds? I can probably fumble my way through, but I thought I'd see if
anyone had any suggestions.




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